I created the Gumdrop character during a time recently when I was experiencing a bit of an Artist’s Block. I like to think I turned that negativity into a pretty decent piece with some experimentation thrown in also.

I started the piece from a simple primitive sphere inside ZBrush and decided I wanted to see if I could make an interesting looking simple character.

I also took this moment to experiment more with material settings inside Renderman and Maya. Specifically I paid more attention to subsurface scattering with the flesh of the creature as well as the refraction settings for the material applied to the eye lens to create a much more realistic eye with good light reflections.

The final thing I accomplished with this model was using the game exporter inside Maya in order to create 3 separate animations that could be viewed separately inside the Sketchfab viewer. Please take the time to look at all of them in the embedded viewer above as well as the Renderman rendered video below!