This piece was originally created with the intention of having it eventually 3D printed as a keyring for an Anniversary gift.

The model itself was fully sculpted in ZBrush using Dynamesh. I then extracted the T-Shirt and Eyes from the mesh and used a combination of polygroups, guides and ZRemesher to retopologise the model.

All texturing was created using Polypaint and projected onto maps I created with Maya and ZBrush UVMaster. I then rigged, animated and rendered the model with Renderman inside Maya.

I then had to work on a new file within ZBrush in order to create a 3D Print ready mesh. I merged my subtools creating a watertight model and exported using ZBrush’s 3D Print export plugin.

I used Shapeways to actually print my model. First I got a cheap print done with their basic sandstone material to check that everything was right on the model and there weren’t any errors. Luckily the print itself turned out perfectly and I finished the model off by adding a loop to the top of the character so it could be converted into a keychain. You can see the final product in the images on this page, I am personally very happy with the final outcome and look forward to future 3D printing!